Data Conversion Issues in Dynamics NAV

Data conversion is a very sophisticated process, and takes into consideration lots of are factors like the design of the tables and the relations of these tables so as the integrity of the indexes and the collation before working on converting the data itself.

If you have customizations that do not take care of all these dependencies you might get an issue while converting the data.

Data Issues in NAV

Let us look at an example:

1. It can happen that when the conversion starts conversion of object metadata the following error is received: The following ODBC error occurred: Error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0] Unspecified error occurred on SQL Server. Connection may have been terminated by the server. State ID: HY000.

2. The main reason here might be some tables / any other objects in the database that do not compile because of some functions that are missing in the tables, or that do not maintain the design or the structure of other objects. For example when changes have been made to the tables directly in SQL.

3. Here again we mention that the database on the original version before the upgrade has to be checked to avoid these issues.

4. For a possible workaround here make a NAV backup of the NAV 2009 database and restore the backup into a new database and you will be able to convert the database.

Another example is a typically known error:

1. The supplied Field name ‘’ does not exist in the ‘’ table.

2. Some fields like field number 1300 in table 112 are automatically added while running step number 11 in the upgrade ‘see the blog mentioned above’.

3. In some cases if an Issue causes this field, or any other fields not to be created, the data conversion will not run and will look for these fields and return errors.

4. Carry on the step again and make sure that the fields are added and synchronized to SQL properly as explained in the previous points.
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